"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."
-Theodore Roosevelt-

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A bold and fun decorating project.

Well now, we have been buuuuuusyy! When we moved into our new place we realized how great this apartment is and that we could settle down into it for a while. We actually have more sq. ft. than we did at our condo in Saratoga Springs, and its pretty worry free, its in a great area, and there is no way we could leave our ward. So we decided that we would buckle down and make the inside of it feel like HOME. So we were trying to figre out how to add some color to what we had. We had a lot of brown and black stuff but hardly any color. So we added a few accents here and there, but then we got inspired by a cool blog and decided to get bold. We started with finding an end table that we badly needed. We found an awesome one at savers for $10. Yup, $10. Gotta love that.
Project #1, here we go yellow.
Then we added some accent and antique to it with some glaze. It turned out pretty good.
Next on the agenda was our coffee table. We found it a few years ago and thought about re-doing it because it was beat up but never did. Now here is where we got bold. We saw this cool color called ocean breeze so we though we would give it a try.
Again we used the glaze on this table to give it some charecter. We really like this table now.

I also tried this little technique on this little thing that had some flowers in. I like how the glaze makes stuff really pop out.
Here it is all done on top of the book shelf. Im loving it.
Our family room is just about complete. I will put pictures of it totally done later.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We are starting on Eastons room now. Caitlin and I put together a few of our ideas together and created this. We are so excited about how it turned out. There is more to come. More projects we are working on.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Private blogs? I need your help.

Im wondering how I can get someone to invite me to view their blog that is private. They are people I knew from school, but dont have any contact info for. Anybody have an answer? Is there a "friend request" like on Facebook?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New carpet, eh?

Probably one of the dumbest and funniest things we have ever done. I don't know how we were so stupid. So, Caitlin has this old shelf from when she was growing up. We have had it for some time and knew that we were going to put it in the baby's room one day, but it badly needed a paint job. So we decided to paint it. So we started, and didn't use our brain one bit. We painted it inside, which is no big deal. We put an old towel under it. Yup, just a towel. Not much bigger than the shelf itself. Stupid thing #1. The shelf doesn't stand up on its own so I got a stool for it to lean on. The stool wasn't even half as tall as the shelf. Stupid idea #2. When we started painting the paint was on the floor. First good idea we had. That good idea was quickly followed by stupid idea #3, which was to put the paint on the stool so it could be reached easier by a pregnant woman who doesn't like to bend over. HA! So the painting began. Not more than a few minutes later did my cat like reflexes (ha ha) instinctively grab a falling shelf. Just as I caught it did I realize the paint was on the supporting stool that fell over. OH, BLANK! Just then I saw the pint of deep sky blue paint in a pool on the new carpet. The strangest thing, however it does make sense, is that my first thought was to salvage as much paint as possible before it spread too wide into the carpet. So immediately I started scrambling for a way too pick up much of the paint that was on the carpet. I did succeed in getting more than half of the paint back, but the dinner plate sized spot of blue left on the carpet had me a little concerned.

 "Hmmmmmm, how do you get paint out of carpet, Caitlin?" I asked. "I don't know!!!" said Caitlin in a voice full of panic. "Me either." I said. "Ill Google it." Wow, I love how you can find anything on the Internet at the touch of a button. So the cleaning began. Caitlin began to put water and soap on it and blot it up with a towel while I ran to Smith's to get a carpet cleaner. Well at 10:00 PM they don't rent you cleaners. So we spent the next 2 hours soaking and blotting.

What a night. It was supposed to be spent painting a shelf for our new baby. Instead it was full of urgent panic trying to clean paint out of carpet. We did a pretty good job though. There is still a tint of blue there but oh well. We did the best we could. And with a few cuss words and no blaming each other for the spill, I would say we got through it pretty dang good.

With our little Easton on his way, and coming quick, we were in desperate need of more room. Our 800 sq ft 1 bedroom apt wasn't going to cut it anymore. We already had enough crap jammed into every which corner it could go, adding baby stuff just made it worse. So we made a switch over to a MUCH bigger 3 bedroom. Ahhhh, finally got some more room. Finally feels like we were back at our place in Utah. So here we go, ready or not. It was a major weekend of moving. Since we didn't get a moving truck I would fill my truck, drive over, unload it, and go back. Thursday and Friday nights were loads of trips back and forth with nothing but boxes. Mostly done by myself. Then we moved the major things like furniture on Saturday with the help of a few friends. Luckily Caitlin didn't have to do anything, moving or cleaning because she was working. But we got all moved in and feeling good. Now I had pretty much moved our entire place and cleaned it pretty much by myself, and here is Caitlin after a few hours of unpacking on Sunday.

Now this is in no way to poke fun at Caitlin. I point this out because I feel terrible that she gets completely hammered being 6 months prego. Poor girl. She is a champ though. She hardly complains at all. What a weekend. We are so happy to have our new home though.