"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."
-Theodore Roosevelt-

Monday, December 6, 2010

A hunter in the making

I had to put these pictures up just because they are so dang cute, and because Im just one proud Daddy. On Sunday we put Easton into this cute camo shirt in dinosaur shapes. He looked so good. Something must have gotten into him because we leave him alone for 2 minutes and where do we find him? Chillin on the couch scoping out the new hunting magazine. Typical, just like his Dad. At least he's getting trained right.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saying goodbye to ABQ and our dearest friends.

Well, as many of you know and many of you who may not know, we have packed up and left our home and our adventure in Albuquerque New Mexico. We had planned on living there for a long time. We knew we had purpose in being there, we were really getting settled into our new home, and we had started putting down some roots with Easton being born. There just was no reason to leave. We had the most incredible ward filled with amazing people. We felt so blessed to be there. That ward and the people there were a MAJOR factor in us getting sealed in the Temple there.
One day in early September I realized that I had been thinking about living in Utah again, with Easton, meaning I was thinking into the future. "What? I dont want to move back to Utah." So I told Caitlin what I had been thinking about, and it blew me away when she said that she had been thinking about the same thing! So we really put these thoughts to prayer and after a lot of that and some trips to the Temple to find out if this meant something we both got an answer, and our answers were the same. "Your done here. You dont have purpose here anymore." At this point we just didnt know what to do. We didnt receive anything about moving back to Utah or staying in New Mexico. Only that we didnt have purpose here. What do we do? I guess we have reached the point that the Lord leaves up to us sometimes. What to do? Now it came down to us deciding where would be the best place for work opportunities. Obviously Utah wins that one. Now to Easton. I really thought it would be cool to raise him outside of Utah but there wouldnt be any family there. So family won that one too. "Well, Lets go back to Utah....???" Why you ask? I dont know why. We have been here for 2 weeks and I still dont know. Then again we didnt know why we REALLY moved to NM for about 6 months.
As the clock began ticking for our move we needed to get in as much time as possible with the people that we consider our Albuquerque Family. So we burned the candle at both ends man! 2 weeks craziness and we never did get to do everything we wanted with all the people we wanted. Unfortunately we only got pictures with some of our friends before we left. 
The Terrys were so fun. We became so close to them and their kids. Their 8 year old daughter Bella loved to climb all over me like a jungle gym. We had so many fun little tricks we did. Here she would sit on my legs and I would launch her up into a handstand and back down again.
This is another family that we loved and became close to the kids. The Trapnells. Back in May we stayed with their kids while their parents went rafting. We had so many good times with them. And their newest boy Erik is only 2 weeks younger than Easton so Caitlin and Julie got to go through their pregnancy together.
Their 5 year old, Parker, who is holding the magazine, and 6 year old, Cole, sitting on my knee, loved to look at my "hunting mazagine." Check the spelling on magazine. They said mazagine. It was so dang cute. I gave them a couple old ones and they would come up to me at church and say "Brother Terry. Thanks for the hunting mazagine."

Ah the McEntires. What a fun family. We spent so many nights staying up late playing Settlers of Cattan with Scott and Amber. And their kids are a blast. One time we were eating diner at their house in the backyard. Out of nowhere Kade, who is 4, came out and said in this taunting voice,"Zaaaaach, come and get me." Then ran back inside. He loved to get chased.
We had so many friends that we just didnt get a chance to see in the limited amount of time we had. Thanks to all of you who were our friends and shared your families with us. You all know who you are. We love every one of you and cant wait to see you again.

Catching up...Hallowen 2010

Man, life has been so hectic the last few months that we havent had a chance to post anything. We are wanting to make books out of our blog so here comes the catch up posts.
HALLOWEEN! Who doesnt love halloween? We love it and we love getting fun costumes. This year Grandma Wendy came down to visit and see Easton. While she was here she got Easton a Giraffe costume. That gave us the idea to be animals. Caitlin wanted to be a Zebra but I had no idea what I would be. Plus I didnt want to go out and spend a bunch of money. Then one night I was watching one of my hunting videos of Jim Shockey in Africa and suddenly a light bulb appeared above my head. I would be a safari hunter. So we went to Savers to find some Zebra stuff and I found the perfect hat for my costume. Then we found some Zebra pants for Caitlin. Our costumes were really coming together nicely. Caitlin got some great ideas for a Zebra head and began making it. What great is she made an awesome Zebra and I looked exactly like Jim Shockey in my video.
See I told you I looked just like him. A proud hunter and his trophies.
We then went to our trunk or treat Ward Halloween party where we had a blast. Being it was our first Halloween party at our ward we didnt realize they were going to give prizes out. There was a family category, and came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. They announced 3 place first which was our good friends the Garietys. They were all different characters from The Toy Story. They looked awesome. 2nd place came next and to our surprise they announced "The Safari. Zach and Caitlin Terry." We were so excited because we didnt expect anything like this. Then of course 1st place went to the McEntires. They always have to be #1. (Amber Im referring to you miss competitive.) Im just kidding but they had awesome costumes. They definitely deserved it.We miss you guys.