"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."
-Theodore Roosevelt-

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Webelos hike

I went on a hike today into the foothills of the Sandia Mountains with my Webelos scout troop. What a fun hike. 2.7 miles round trip. Not too far but it was great non-the-less. We also had 2 of the kids Dad's come and one of the kids brother came as well. We did it to help them get their outdoorsman pin. Webelos has been so fun. We have been able to do some pretty fun activities but the best part is a boy named Tyson. His Mom was born a member of the church, which is how we knew about them, but they are long time inactive. So we decided to go visit Tyson and his Mom to see if Tyson would want to be part of our scout troop. After talking with Janeal and Tyson for a bit they both seemed excited. Now this is cool because there were a few attempts before to get Tyson to come and he never did. I guess timing is everything. The neatest thing has been getting to know the family, Tyson is actually the one who brought his brother on the hike, he is 23 years old. Tyson is standing in front of me with a black shirt on and his brother is in the back with the white shirt. Now who knows where all of this will lead with the Lindeman family, I like knowing that Im simply doing what I believe Christ would have me do, and that is be a friend and loveing to everyone I meet, and be an example and strong representative of the Church and the Priesthood. Ill let the Lord take care of the rest.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Letting go

Have you ever felt like you gave up part of you were? A piece of you that will never come back? This part of you has been with you for many years now? You have been through thick and thin, good and bad, ups and downs, ins and outs, vallys and peaks, clouds and sunshine, and all the other phrases that portray life. Its the part of you that allowed you to interact with friends, family, and loved ones, and now its gone, only to be replaced by some strange and foreign intruder. Now the part that has replaced it wont become part of you for some time. So during this transition period you feel like you are going around borrowing a piece of somebody else. Its like getting that new girlfriend or boyfriend, learning about who they are and what they like, figuring it out all over again. I just want there to be comfort and familiarity. But no...its gone. I had to break up with my old phone number...and get a new one.

Baby registering

So we went to register for baby showers at Babies R Us on Saturday. You know, I cant believe how much crap there is out there for babies. What a store. After we got done Caitlin and I both wanted to lay down on the glider chairs and take a nap. Oh, and those glider chairs...soooo comfy. Ill find any reason to go hold the baby just to be able to sit on it. Bad news is that the most comfortable chair there was $500. Ouch. Guess we might have to wait til next baby for that one. This is all so fun though. Im am incredibly excited. Plus we are moving into a 3 bedroom unit and out of our 1 bedroom. Halleluja!!!!! We have been crammed into this one here for too long. Cant wait to get some more space. Cant wait for Easton to get here. Cant wait to be a dad.