"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."
-Theodore Roosevelt-

Monday, September 20, 2010

Never far from my Utes

650 miles away and still rootin for the Utes.
Its actually pretty fun being a Utes fan here. The reason is, is that there are only 3 of us in the whole ward that like the Utes. Everyone else likes BYU. The reason I say I like it here is because in Utah the rivalry is a little too out of hand. Both sides basically look down at the fans and school of the other. Here its just good ol' "We are gonna woop you" sports type of competition.
So here we are, small in number but large in pride.
Now 2 of these guys have become 2 of my best friends here in ABQ. Matt Schmutz on the left isn't in our ward, but he grew up in it and his parents are still there. He is native to ABQ yet knows what side of the line is best to be, and that side has lots of red and more W's on their record than that other side with lots of blue. Christian Terry with the Utes hat on actually went to the U so he is a natural fan. Yup, his last name is Terry. We are long lost cousins that finally met. He has a great family that Caitlin and I love to hang out with. The Terrys are in our ward so, Christian, Dennis (in the red shirt), and I are the lone Utes here.
We had a great time at the game. Nobody would sit within about 10-12 feet of us since we were the only ones around cheering for Utah, which we had a good laugh about. And by the 3rd quarter we watched as the stands slowly emptied as Utah continued to score, with a final score of 56-14.
Boy I sure do miss going to watch Utah football.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Eastons first shower.

So we tried to bath Easton in the sink last week and it didnt go too well. He screamed bloody murder the whole time. So we though we would try taking him into the shower. We were nervous to see if he would react the same way but once he got over the fact that something was different about the water hitting him he loved it. In fact, he fell asleep while we were in there.
He loved the water on him.

This is one of the cutest pictures of Easton that I have seen. And even better is Mom washing his hair while Dad holds him. Just an overall cute picture.

I loved how his little legs and feet looked balled up in my hand.
Fast asleep.

Loads of Easton.

Well this week was full of great things from Easton. Now that he is getting a little older he is beginning to be more animated and we love it. I cant wait until he is smiling and laughing. We just love this little boy and we can not get enough of him. So here he is in his 3rd week of life.
First are 2 videos of him. Nothing special, just a chance for our friends and family far away to see him.
This next video is hilarious. I cant believe I got it on camera. Listen closely. Easton is just making his normal sounds when a little toot action starts up.

We always find him sleeping in the funniest positions. Whats great is we never pose him either, this is just how he is.
He sleeps like a rock next to Caitlin like this.

This happens all the time and we finally got a picture of it. He always ends up with a finger in his mouth when he gets a bottle. Who knows???

The 2 loves of my life.

Putting your hand on his chest or his cheek always calms him down. And he will grab on tight.

One proud Daddy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is this how its going to be EVERY night??????

I dont know how you could ever really prepare for this. It hasn't been too bad, I guess, but getting up every 2-3 hours can get tiring. So Caitlin and I kind of have a way to help with it. Easton usually feeds 3 times a night, so every other night or two I will get up with him and feed him pumped milk so that Caitlin can get some rest. Other nights I will change him and Caitlin will feed him so its a shared duty. Then every 2 or 3 nights Caitlin will do all the work so I can get some rest. I must say though, as much as we try to share the work load, Caitlin gets the grunt of it. And I havent heard a complaint yet. She is awesome.
Sometimes the nights can be fun though. I got up to feed him one night and usually he just goes right back to sleep. But this night he finished eating and was wiiiiiiiiiiide awake. So I turned on a movie and Easton and I just chilled out together while he eventually fell asleep an hour and a half later, then it was off to bed again. Its funny how it can be fun to sit with a baby that really doesnt do anything at all, he just sits there.
So here are a bunch more pictures for everyone to see.

Can you believe she had a baby about 10 days ago? She looks good!

I love this one. Its so sweet.

Now this is a kid who knows how to kick back and relax.

GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!