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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Catching up...Hallowen 2010

Man, life has been so hectic the last few months that we havent had a chance to post anything. We are wanting to make books out of our blog so here comes the catch up posts.
HALLOWEEN! Who doesnt love halloween? We love it and we love getting fun costumes. This year Grandma Wendy came down to visit and see Easton. While she was here she got Easton a Giraffe costume. That gave us the idea to be animals. Caitlin wanted to be a Zebra but I had no idea what I would be. Plus I didnt want to go out and spend a bunch of money. Then one night I was watching one of my hunting videos of Jim Shockey in Africa and suddenly a light bulb appeared above my head. I would be a safari hunter. So we went to Savers to find some Zebra stuff and I found the perfect hat for my costume. Then we found some Zebra pants for Caitlin. Our costumes were really coming together nicely. Caitlin got some great ideas for a Zebra head and began making it. What great is she made an awesome Zebra and I looked exactly like Jim Shockey in my video.
See I told you I looked just like him. A proud hunter and his trophies.
We then went to our trunk or treat Ward Halloween party where we had a blast. Being it was our first Halloween party at our ward we didnt realize they were going to give prizes out. There was a family category, and came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. They announced 3 place first which was our good friends the Garietys. They were all different characters from The Toy Story. They looked awesome. 2nd place came next and to our surprise they announced "The Safari. Zach and Caitlin Terry." We were so excited because we didnt expect anything like this. Then of course 1st place went to the McEntires. They always have to be #1. (Amber Im referring to you miss competitive.) Im just kidding but they had awesome costumes. They definitely deserved it.We miss you guys.

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McEntire Family said...

You guys were hard to beat, but we were out for the prize this year! I still can't believe you are gone - Scott and I have said to each other so many times that we really feel a void with you gone. Come play games!